Select a Broth (Full Pot or Divided Pot)

Our Popular Hot Pot Broths Include:

Nourishing Marrow Chicken Broth
Spicy Marrow Chicken Broth
Rich Tomato Broth
Spicy Sour Pickled Cabbage Broth

Step 2

Select ingredients and dipping sauces which are included in the menu.

Step 3

Wait for the Broth to simmer(boil) before you begin cooking your ingredients.
Add your ingredients to the Broth gradually rather than dumping everything in at once.
Each of the ingredients at your table should be eaten piece by piece, though it is fine to cook sliced vegetables and meat at the same time.

Step 4

Noodle might help thicken your broth, and add a little extra flavour. If you want noodles, then cook it towards the end of your meal once you are experienced with all the others.

Ingredients Cook Time

Reminder: The ingredients should not cook too long

Thinly sliced meats: 15-20 seconds (Till colour fully changed)

Seafood/Noodles: 3-5 minutes (Do not over cook seafood, keep noodles stirring in the pot)


Dumplings: 10 minutes
Meat Balls: 3-5 minutes (Cook meat balls longer for more flavour)
Mushrooms: 3-5 minutes
Tofu:3-5 minutes
Starchy Vegetables: 5 minutes or more
Green Vegetables: 1-2 minutes (Cook root vegetables until soft)