Broth & Meat


Our rich and authentic hot pot broth are made from strictly chosen hens and beef bones, with a dedicated stewing and simmering process over 6 hours to create a pot of concentrated milky white base broth.

36 fresh ingredients such as goji berries, jujubes, ginseng and herbs are then added to the broth to make it more aromatic. A pot of good broth is finally born.

Apart from the Nourishing Chicken Broth, we also have Spicy Chicken Broth, Tomato Broth and Spicy Sour Pickled Cabbage Broth.


From breed selection to cuts, we ensure only the finest of the premium meat is served at our table for hot pot.

Our meat comes from the best farms in Wales, Scotland and North Ireland and is freshly sliced at our restaurants. We only choose the 30% of the premium meat of the lamb. With masterful cuts, each slice has a luxurious and buttery tenderness like no other!

Our Happy Grass Fed Lamb selection includes Chef Selected Lamb, Happy Spring Lamb, Premium Lamb Fillet and Premium Marble Lamb. You can also choose Fresh Lamb Loin and Sliced Fresh Lam Shoulder which are freshly hand-sliced to keep the freshness and tenderness of the lamb.

Try to expand your choice to our beef selection which includes Happy Beef Shoulder, Snowflake Beef Sirloin, Superior Beef Slices, Superior Short Ribs and Superior Rib Eye.